Annabelle Francois | 18 | TAKEN | Belle | Beauty and the Beast | FC: Alexis Bledel | Librarian at the New York Public Library

Meet Annabelle, the one who wants more with her new life. When she woke up from her coma the only thing she did was read. And read she did. Since she was stuck in her hospital room with nothing else to do, she loved to read books and lose herself in them. Though she may only have been allowed to lay there, in her mind she was right there along side the heroes, fighting pirates or rescuing damsels in distress. She hoped that her new life would be exciting, just like in her favorite books.  Once she was released, her love of books didn’t fade. It figured she got a job as a librarian even before the Agency had told her she needed to get a job. She loved helping people to find the perfect book for them. She was kind to all who came into the library, seeing the good in everyone. She treats everyone with kindness and compassion, but is fierce when she is standing up for those she loves. She won’t just sit around waiting for good fortune to find her and is looking forward to making her way in this new place, because everything looked just like her books, with adventure, and conflicts on every turn. However, she refuses to hurt anyone else in the process of finding her way in her new life. Will the innocent girl may not be cut out for the cut throat world of New York City?

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Disney in NYC

Welcome to NYC, the "City that Never Sleeps". Well, before this New York was just New York as usual, until a large group of people came out of no where and turned the city upside down. A strange occurrence happened one day, when a bunch of people were admitted into the same hospital, in a coma. Once they woke up, they didn't know who they were, or anything about their pasts. Turns out, all of these people are actually characters from your favorite Disney movies, but only one person knows it. An unknown witch decided to get revenge, and opened a portal to the real world, leading to none other than New York City. Thing is, the witch got pulled in with them, and lives amongst the characters. Now these teenagers have to start over, in a completely new place, and new identities. A clean slate. A fresh new start.  are in NYC